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“The insight and knowledge that I received in my coaching relationship has been invaluable to both my professional and personal life. Shekinah's guidance, support and encouragement pushed me to new levels that I may not have achieved.”

Jennifer Schnabel IBM, West Region Operations Manager

“I extended my coaching contract to twelve months because I found it to be one of the most beneficial learning experiences of my career. Shekinah was instrumental in helping me leap from a field sales position into a leadership and motivator role. I would heartily endorse her to anyone who wants to move to a higher level of performance.”

Dave DiCarlo
Americas Sales Manager
IBM Software Sales –Linux

“Shekinah with inspiration and honesty helped me to achieve several professional and personal goals. Through her coaching and expertise I found the strength and confidence to bring out my highest potential and become a better wife, employee and person.

Christine Charette

Director of Human Resources

Delco Builders & Developers, Inc.

“Shekinah's coaching skills helped to me open my mind to possibilities without limitations. Coaching has helped me evaluate situations differently and take time to enjoy what I have accomplished.”

Vickie Maurone, PMP IBM Global Services
Technical Support Operations

“The leadership development coaching that our team received, increased collaboration, trust, and communication. As a result, we increased productivity 22-25%, and were able to handle a significant increase in workload and revenue with one of our clients, while decreasing staffing.”

Jared Milligan
President, Pacific eDocument Solutions, LLC

"In the two years I have been coached by Shekinah, I have never felt so seen, heard or validated for who I am! This has enabled me to minimize the gremlins, accept myself, trust my gut and move forward. She has an uncanny way of hearing between the lines and reflecting your greatness. Coach with Shekinah and rise above all the B.S. you're making up!!"

Kimberlee Foster, Certified Professional Coach

“Shekinah is an adept facilitator. Our sessions focused on specific, current circumstances that translated into an increased awareness and readiness for action. Not only did the coaching sessions impact me, I was able to turn around and better coach others, improving personal and professional relationships.”

Paul Robson
IBM Service Manager


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